World War I in Colour

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This first episode, Catastrophe, looks at the fact that between 1914 and 1918, 65 million men took up arms. Ten million were killed and 20 million were emotionally and physically .. show full overview
Slaughter in the Trenches
Episode overview
This episode looks at trench warfare on the Western Front, which was at stalemate in 1915. Communications proved to be a major drawback for both sides, as messages were sent by runners - .. show full overview
Blood in the Air
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In the battles of WWI a new theatre of war was to emerge – the sky. This new warfare was to prove just as deadly as the trenches, where pilots flew into battle with as little as five .. show full overview
Killers of the Sea
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In this episode we discover that there was only one major clash of fleets in World War 1. Instead, the war at sea was one of blockades and sinkings and a small but feared U-boat. By .. show full overview
Mayhem on the Eastern Front
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When war broke out in 1914 the Eastern Front campaign moved swiftly. Austrian troops invaded Serbia, and Russia, as Serbia's ally, invaded both Germany and Austria. The Austrians quickly .. show full overview
Victory and Despair
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For the Allies, 1918 proved to be the costliest year of the war. On the Western Front 2 million British and 3 million French were either captured, wounded or killed - over a few miles of .. show full overview
Tactics and Strategy
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Making the Series
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