Wings (1977)

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  • Action Adventure Drama War



Forward Action
Episode overview
As Alan’s leave in Sussex comes to an end, he and Lorna become engaged, and he sells his motorbike to buy her a ring. Meanwhile, Harry leaves Becket’s Hill to work in a munitions .. show full overview
Episode overview
With German Zeppelins making bombing raids across Britain, Major Lancing arrives with orders for ‘C’ Flight to forget the Eindeckers and bomb the Zeppelin sheds in Belgium. The pilots .. show full overview
Another Country
Episode overview
The replacement pilot arrives in the form of Lieutenant Michael Starling, an Oxford academic keen to show off his expertise in flying theory. Meanwhile Triggers is ordered to drop a .. show full overview
Episode overview
When Charles Gaylion crashes a BE2 on takeoff, he fears losing his nerve. He attempts to take another plane up at once but there is an accident and one of the mechanics loses both of his .. show full overview
Stunt - Or Die?
Episode overview
Charles Gaylion, sent to train new pilots in the south of England, quickly becomes frustrated at the rules that forbid him teaching the trainees anything potentially dangerous. His ideas .. show full overview
Dawn Attacks
Episode overview
Alan is being cared for by a French family close to a German airfield. Gradually recovering from his accident, with the help of the daughter of the house, Françoise, he conceives a plan .. show full overview
Machine Gun Post
Episode overview
Bravington, feeling under-employed, is determined to train as a pilot, and makes an unauthorised solo flight, much to Triggers' annoyance. Triggers is ordered to deal with a German .. show full overview
Officers and Gentlemen
Episode overview
Alan Farmer shoots down a German observation balloon, but spares the unarmed observer; he is told by Triggers to stay away from the balloons in future. Triggers is intending to recommend .. show full overview
Guardian Angel
Episode overview
Triggers arranges for Alan to share Charles Gaylion's quarters, hoping that the more experienced officer will help him cope with the insubordination he still experiences, following his .. show full overview
The Price
Episode overview
As C Flight puzzle over how to protect reconnaissance aircraft from the Germans, Triggers is astonished to be recalled to Britain. He finds he has been seconded as an advisor and test .. show full overview
Episode overview
Soldiers from a battalion stationed nearby break into Sainte Marie and steal the pilots’ rations. Led by a former university lecturer, they have mutinied because of harsh and unfair .. show full overview
No Medals
Episode overview
The pilots of ‘C’ Flight are dispatched to Veuve-sur-Meuse under the command of Captain Boucharlat to assist in fighting a surprisingly large number of Eindeckers. Gaylion is delayed on .. show full overview
Episode overview
Lorna visits Sainte Marie to look for Charles Gaylion, and tells him she wants Alan to stop visiting her; Charles impulsively asks her to marry him, and she accepts. Dick Bravington is .. show full overview