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Call in the Light
Episode overview
Everything begins with Fiona hearing from her stepfather, Garreth Pink, who has some interesting complaints about his new wife. Meanwhile, Jerome reports on his travels; and Fiona takes on a new client (Gwyneth Paltrow), a not-so-calm spiritual guru.
Arguing in Agreement
Episode overview
Fiona and Kip rekindle their marriage, albeit solitary and separate from one another. Meanwhile, Maya recaps Fiona's weekend at Gentle Circles; and Jerome confirms Austen's penthouse "gift" is more burdensome than ever imagined
Trust Exercise
Episode overview
Fiona takes on a suspicious lottery winner as a client; Gina complains of boredom.
Smile Through the Pain
Episode overview
Jeb Masters complains about Fiona's behavior; Gina has examples of her new business venture.
In Angus We Trust
Episode overview
Fiona learns that Grace is not as connected as she thought; Jerome is not using the penthouse.
Charity Galore
Episode overview
A past patient calls from witness protection; Ewan tries to get Fiona to declare his brother insane.
Drink to Forget
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Lost on the Young
Episode overview
Fiona finds some some things from Judith whilst the Pink Eye Ball’s MC calls to rescind Fiona’s makeover with Nina Garcia and offer her anything different instead.
Judicial Oversight
Episode overview
Caspar Lee propositions Fiona about a strategic partnership.
Lies and Alibis
Episode overview
Abel accuses Fiona of psychological terrorism. Putsy makes a plan for Kip.
No Stranger to Scandal
Episode overview
Fiona's sessions have been leaked online - and Abel's going into hiding.
Fiona Fulfilled
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.