The Wayward Guide For The Untrained Eye

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The Wolf At The Door
Episode overview
Artemis (Mary Kate Wiles) and her twin brother, Paul (Steve Zaragoza), have their eyes on the coveted hosting position for the hit anthology podcast Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye. .. show full overview
Welcome to Connor Creek
Episode overview
Artemis and Paul begin to interview the town’s oddballs and eccentrics to gain some insight into the upcoming town council election. The discovery of a mysterious book leads the .. show full overview
Miner Setback
Episode overview
Artemis tries to find a connection between the town’s recent tragedy and a slick mining executive (Titus Makin). Meanwhile, Paul’s radical theory about werewolves creates a rift between .. show full overview
On the Trail
Episode overview
Artemis offends candidate Truman Hensley (Cassie Silva) after making a brash decision at a town hall meeting. Paul’s suspicion that werewolves are behind the recent attacks grows stronger as he recovers from an eventful night.
Crying Wolf
Episode overview
Artemis makes a hair-raising discovery in the woods surrounding Connor Creek. Following the town council election, another gruesome attack causes pandemonium in the town.
Elective Memory
Episode overview
With the town on high alert for werewolves, Artemis and Paul’s interviews take on a new tone. And panic turns to hysteria as this threat is put on full display at an emergency town council meeting.
Grin and Bare It
Episode overview
Sheriff Madison is nominated to head-up a werewolf hunting task force as the town turns against the Schue-Horyns. Several locals make a startling confession as they attempt to form an alliance.
In Sheep's Clothing
Episode overview
Artemis follows her primary lead to confront the mastermind behind the werewolf attacks, only to realize that she has missed a major detail in the case.
Belly of the Beast
Episode overview
With the truth finally out in the open, Paul constructs a cockamamie plan to save the town with the help of an unexpected ally hidden in plain sight.
New Moon
Episode overview
Answers are revealed as Connor Creek catches up to its feral history. Back at APN, Artemis and Paul deal with the repercussions of their story.