Watership Down (2018)

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  • BBC One
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  • Action Adventure Animation Drama Family Fantasy Mini-series



The Journey
Episode overview
Based on the classic novel, Watership Down tells the story of a gang of ragtag rabbits embarking on an epic adventure in search of a new home after their warren is destroyed.
The Raid
Episode overview
In a quest to find female rabbits to populate Watership Down, the band of rabbits discovers a neighbouring warren… but all is not as it seems.
The Escape
Episode overview
With Hazel injured, and hutch rabbit Clover missing, it soon becomes clear that the tyrannical Efrafan leader General Woundwort will not part with his captives without a fight.
The Siege
Episode overview
When the future of Watership Down is threatened by the might of Woundwort’s army, Hazel and his gang must use all their cunning to survive.