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Episode overview
Ellie encourages her boyfriend Ben to rent an apartment in her building—before she learns that the neighbor's visiting niece, Klinka, a stunning, blonde Icelandic beauty, is right next .. show full overview
Ellie gets carried away with dreams of celebrity when a hard nosed ad exec seems to reward her commercial work with a lavish gift -- but must put up with Edgar's jealously. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Episode overview
Ellie and Don are filled with anticipation when they each return to the dating world with hopeful aspirations. On the heels of her break up with Ben, Ellie is bubbling with excitement .. show full overview
Episode overview
Ellie runs into an old singing rival of hers who appears to be at the top of her career. In Ellie's zeal to be one step ahead of her rival, she lies about a future gig for Steven .. show full overview
Fruit Shots
Episode overview
Ellie reluctantly takes a gig doing a commercial for a fruit juice containing alcohol that seems to be targeting teenagers. Meanwhile, Don Zimmerman and Ingvar get Ellie and Ben in on a .. show full overview
Episode overview
Ellie meets ""Family Feud"" host, Richard Karn at one of her club performances and Ellie gets the idea of being a contestant on the show in the hopes of winning a free vacation. Ellie .. show full overview