Vanity Fair (2018)

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Miss Sharp in the Presence of the Enemy
Episode overview
Lowly teaching assistant Becky issues headmistress Miss Pinkerton with an ultimatum – pay her properly to teach at her Academy for Young Ladies or find her a station elsewhere. Miss .. show full overview
Miss Sharp Begins to Make Friends
Episode overview
In darkest Hampshire, Becky spends her days as governess to Sir Pitt Crawley’s neglected daughters. Her employer's handsome youngest son, Rawdon, does his best to interest Becky in a .. show full overview
A Quarrel about an Heiress
Episode overview
Becky has moved in with her rich aunt Matilda, and seems to have a bright future ahead of her. However, war is brewing on the horizon, which threatens the fortunes of the scheming social .. show full overview
In Which Becky Joins Her Regiment
Episode overview
On the eve of the battle, Becky makes a triumphant entrance into high society and finds a new use for old friends. Adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray's novel about an amoral woman .. show full overview
In Which Battles Are Won and Lost
Episode overview
The Napoleonic Wars enter their decisive moment as the battle of Waterloo gets underway, with George fighting on the front line. Becky has come to the conclusion that war is not such a .. show full overview
In Which a Painter's Daughter Meets a King
Episode overview
Becky works out how to live well on nothing a year, but flies too high as she joins the dizzy ranks of lords, ladies and kings.
Endings and Beginnings
Episode overview
Becky is left alone in the world and living in greatly reduced circumstances when Steyne arranges for Rawdon to be shipped overseas. Dobbin discovers that Amelia plans to remarry, a .. show full overview