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Episode overview
Reeling from a tragedy, Ellis struggles to focus at work as a major project looms, forcing Anna to reach out to Ellis' son Jackson for help.
Engaged, Focused and Ridiculously Sane
Episode overview
After an odd discovery in Ellis' basement, Jackson stays longer in LA and sets boundaries with his dad — which inspires Ellis to stand up to the board.
The Wizard of Odd
Episode overview
Determined to change the narrative of his life and business, Ellis invites a reporter to shadow him, while Anna tries to make things seem normal at work.
Pilgrims and Sex Parties
Episode overview
Facing fallout from the Time cover, Ellis fears getting ousted and receives support from an old pal, while Anna uncovers intel to keep the twins at bay.
Beautiful Birthday Bastards
Episode overview
When the twins threaten to press charges, Anna and Ellis plan a birthday surprise. Jackson and the Red Lab crew head to the bar, where feelings emerge.
The Ballad of Eduardo
Episode overview
A call from an old professor puts Jackson in a tough spot. The Red Lab crew faces hard truths. Ellis sets his sights on new heights at his side job.
Roasting For Beginners
Episode overview
Ellis and Jackson spend the day doing landscaping work until the father-son bonding time turns into a roast. At the house, Leslie wears out his welcome.
A Dragon’s Fire
Episode overview
An emergency board meeting puts Ellis' job on the line. A shocking discovery forces Jackson to step up to save the company — and his dad — from disaster.