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2018 Discuss
Cyborg Cops, Shai'Hulud, Sci-Fi Substance Abuse
Can Jared Logan, Daniel O’Brien, and Haley Mancini identify droids by sight and monsters by sound?
Incantations, Immortans, Vulcans in Heat
Ally Beardsley, Adam Conover, and Alice Wetterlund arrange Sailor Scouts and dethrone stewards.
C-3PO's Origins, HP Lovecraft, the Food Album (with Weird Al Yankovic)
Caldwell Tanner, Siobhan Thompson, and Nate Dern inspect guns and review the Diagon Alley bar scene.
Ganondorf, Gremlins, Geography of Westeros
Sorting swords proves an arduous task for contestants Ally Beardsley, Ify Nwadiwe, and Becca Scott.
Animalities, Maple Street Monsters, Mutagen Ooze
Brennan Lee Mulligan, Siobhan Thompson, and Adam Conover name dragons and parse nonlinear timelines.
Pevensie Reign, Foreign Mutants, Kanto Clones
Zac Oyama, Becca Scott, and Thomas Middleditch scrutinize anime jazz and interplanetary linguistics.
Mouth of Sauron, Saiyan Tails, Bothan Spies
Power-ups and sibling rivalries beleaguer Ify Nwadiwe, DC Pierson, and Emily Axford.
Jump Man, Folklore, Hounds of Tindalos
Middle-earthian bards regale Brian Murphy, Amy Vorpahl, and Matt Mercer, plus a lesson in THAC0.
Bilquis, Black Panther, Battlestar Galactica
Adam Lustick, Dan Black, and Jackie Kashian appraise MTG cards and scream for superhuman ice cream.
Nothlits, Dust Bunnies, His Dark Materials
Ally Beardsley, Zach Sherwin, and Siobhan Thompson assess Pokémon's missteps and Merlin's real age.
Skaven, Watchmen, The Neverending Story
Spellcasters hex Nick Marini, Emily Heller, and Edgar Momplaisir into forgetting the game's rules
Mako, Mudbloods, Mephisto (with Jonathan Coulton)
Juggernaut and Filch have much in common according to Natalie Palamides, Demi Adejuyigbe, and Murph.
Father Figures, Frog Thor, Fusion Gems
Hector Navarro, Ryan Martin, and Zach Kornfeld delve into Darth Vader and deleted scenes.
Robots, Rhydon, Staff of Ra
Shane Crown, Zeke Nicholson, and Ally Beardsley sample space appetizers and make sense of mwahahas.
Charybdis, Kill Lists, and Cookie Crisp
Matt Kirshen, Becca Scott, and Amy Vorpahl earn heart points and liken dragons to Spice Girls.
Diablo, DIddy Kong, Dora Milaje
Shane Crown, Jordan Doll, and Ify Nwadiwe beef up like Goku and consider going alt-Sith.