Truth Be Told (2019)

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  • Crime Drama Mystery Thriller



Unto the Sweet Bird's Throat
Episode overview
Poppy focuses her next podcast on the neglected issue of missing Black girls in Oakland as she tries to locate a friend’s teen daughter.
Her, Armed With Sorrow Sore
Episode overview
Poppy takes the investigation into her own hands and grapples with whether she can trust Eva.
Here She Shall See No Enemy
Episode overview
Markus tries getting to the bottom of a shocking discovery. Eva makes a startling confession to Poppy.
Never Take Your Eyes Off Her
Episode overview
With the clock ticking, Poppy desperately looks for clues to Trini’s whereabouts, leaning on Eva as a resource.
Freedom Is Never Given; It Is Won
Episode overview
Poppy reveals her suspect to Markus—and risks her career with a bold tactic. Shreve's confrontation with a politician leads to an arrest.
From My Hand the Poisoned Apple
Episode overview
Markus and Zarina wait for their nightmare to finally end. Poppy weighs having Eva on her podcast to help expose the suspect.
The Luxury in Self-Reproach
Episode overview
Eva bares her soul to Poppy. Markus spirals out of control. Poppy and Aames uncover more evidence about the suspect in custody.
Darkness Declares the Glory of Light
Episode overview
Poppy finds her relationship with Eva hanging in the balance. Markus and Poppy make a discovery that challenges their theory.
Only Little Secrets
Episode overview
To find the girl from the blackmail tape, Poppy turns to Eva. Aames shares troubling information about the crime scene surveillance tape.
A Kiss Not Mine Alone
Episode overview
Reeling in the aftermath of the attack, Poppy sets her sights on locating a suspect on the run. Markus seeks help from Shreve.