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Let the Games Begin
Episode overview
Leonés has become a hot topic now that the club is in the First Division. In the meantime, Mariano Hidalgo is proud to receive the “President of the Year” award.
How Far Are You Willing To Go?
Episode overview
While Hugo, the new Leonés star, demands transfer to another team after he's falsely accused of sexual assault, Nuria delays privatization of Leonés to appease the club’s shareholders.
By Force
Episode overview
Hidalgo and Nuria meet with Norman, an American investor who wants to buy the club. Hidalgo wants to travel to Argentina as he seeks the support of a politician to invest in the construction of a hospital in Buenos Aires.
Time to Fight
Episode overview
Nuria tells Hidalgo she doesn’t trust Norman, the American investor. She wants to entertain other offers and relies on Saldaña as her middleman.
The Truth
Episode overview
Lucrecia and Germán hack into the server where the illegal bets are arranged. Nuria convinces Hidalgo to cancel the deal with Norman, the American investor.
Until the End
Episode overview
Hidalgo is willing to announce the privatization of Leonés. However, Nuria finds out that someone is offering shareholders more money for their shares, which complicates their operation.
Episode overview
Lucrecia is arrested after being implicated in illegal betting operations. Hidalgo is thinking about leaving Spain and will do whatever it takes to help his daughter.
We're Not Alone
Episode overview
Lucrecia is kidnapped and Vasilev has Hidalgo backed in a corner. Mariano Hidalgo makes it official, and Leonés is sold to Arab investors.