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Episode overview
While on leave in Hawaii, fighter pilot Chandler Williams has a torrid affair. He asks the woman, Heather, to come away with him, but she never shows up. Two months later, he returns .. show full overview
Dysfunction Junction
Episode overview
Heather shares her plans for the baby with Chandler. She will tell Richard that she got pregnant on their honeymoon, and pretend that it is his child. Peter is furious that Heather will .. show full overview
Guess Who's Chumming for Dinner?
Episode overview
Peter still hopes to scuttle the Dress2K deal, but Richard and Heather return unexpectedly. Richard scolds Chandler for not telling him of Peter's betrayal. Heather unsuccessfully tries .. show full overview
Stormy Heather
Episode overview
Chandler refuses to sleep with Heather, but breaks things off with Samantha. Heather faints during a Dress2K fashion show. Chandler insists that she must take better care of herself, and .. show full overview
Frisky Business
Episode overview
Heather is furious when Richard approves renovations on Gwen's hotels instead of giving more money to Dress2K. Chandler considers escaping his problems by returning to the Navy, but .. show full overview
Bad Will Hunting
Episode overview
Richard dies of a heart attack. The family suspects foul play, but Heather denies any wrongdoing. Chandler tells Heather that he will help with the baby, but rejects her advances. Jack .. show full overview
Torn Between Two Mothers
Episode overview
A businessman makes Jack a substantial offer for the company. Even after Chandler punches out Peter in the conference room, Jack decides to keep the company for the good of the family. .. show full overview
Desperately Seeking Heather
Episode overview
Heather complains about being shut out of board meetings. She decides to spend all of her time making passes at Chandler. Jack tries to keep her busy by asking her to co-coordinate a .. show full overview
Secrets and Thighs
Episode overview
Heather loses the baby. Gwen tries to provide comfort, but clashes with her after Heather remarks that the miscarriage was probably best for the family. A sobbing Heather shows up at a .. show full overview
Angels with Dirty Minds
Episode overview
Samantha and Heather get into a slap fight after Heather appears on a magazine cover as the ""savior of Dress2K."" Chandler and Scott are enraged when their budget gets slashed in half. .. show full overview
Payback's a Bitch
Episode overview
David saves Jenny from drowning. Jenny does not reveal what she saw at David's apartment. She instead lays a guilt trip on David and Laurie to keep him tied to her. Jack orders David to .. show full overview