The Zeta Project

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Absolute Zero
Episode overview
Zeta breaks into a security base to steal a database containing retinal IDs, then breaks into Cyrobin disguised as a Dr. Wilhelm. His creator, Dr. Selig, is working at Cyrobin. Things go .. show full overview
Wired: Part One
Episode overview
Zeta and Roe are rescued from Bennett by three hackers who claim to be Internet hacker types who want to free technology for the people. They're sort of right: however, they plan to .. show full overview
Wired: Part Two
Episode overview
Agent Bennett still believes that the captured Zeta has been programmed to believe he is acting of his own volition, a suspicion that seems to be borne out when the research team .. show full overview
Resume Mission
Episode overview
The parts from the IR hunter unit, that were destroyed by Zeta in a hospital, find their way into the hands of a young boy who likes to build things. The boy, Jace, accidentally .. show full overview
Hunt in the Hub
Episode overview
Zeta and Roe are on the trail of one of Selig's associates, who is in a business/administrative area, the Hub. However, it's a trap set by Dr. Boyle, who attached a credit-nullifier to .. show full overview
Ro's Gift
Episode overview
A mysterious organization of super-powered adults kidnap Ro, believing she has super powers.
Lost and Found
Episode overview
Zeta malfunctions and recovers his memory of the moment he decided not to hurt people, when he is ordered to impersonate Eugene Dolan but instead gets close to him and his family.
Eye of the Storm
Episode overview
Forced to take refuge from a tornado, Ro and Zeta meet two brothers, Dex and Carl, who are using an experimental process to disrupt tornados. They partially succeed, and the two .. show full overview
Quality Time
Episode overview
Bennett tracks Selig via highly secure files to a research base where Selig was studying aquatic regeneration. Ro and Zeta are also there on the trail of Zelig. Bennett takes his son .. show full overview
On the Wire
Episode overview
Ro and Zee take refuge at a "Pictocon" - basically a 21st century comicbook con where they take on the role of Owl Man and Squirrel Girl. Bucky contacts them there and puts Ro in contact .. show full overview
Cabin Pressure
Episode overview
The NAS find out about Bucky and make plans to capture him and, through him, Zeta and Ro.
The River Rising
Episode overview
Zeta and Ro are on the run from the NSA when they stumble into a No-Tech community. The group is protected by law so Bennett can't go into their community without a local warrant. Zeta .. show full overview
The Hologram Man
Episode overview
Zeta and Ro break into a NSA depot used to store hologram/robots. They spot Professor Zelig, who downloads information and leaves. The two follow him to a steel yard where he is revealed .. show full overview
The Wrong Morph
Episode overview
Zeta's quest to locate Dr. Selig leads him to another member of the infiltration unit design team, Dr. Myrell. He runs a non-profit organization called the Myrell center, where he .. show full overview