The Young Pope

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Episode 1
Following his sudden heart attack, Pope Pius XIII lies in a coma while his followers fervently pray for a miraculous recovery. As the threat of terrorism and the potential risks of .. show full overview
Episode 2
As rumors swirl about the Church's role in a sudden death, Voiello, Gutierrez, Assente, Aguirre and Sofia travel to the UK to the grand estate of Sir John Brannox, hoping to convince him .. show full overview
Episode 3
As Sir John leaves for the Vatican, everything appears to be going to plan. But the secretary of state could never have predicted Cardinal Spalletta's next move.
Episode 4
John Paul III travels to Venice to visit Pius XIII. Meanwhile, a tragedy in Lourdes calls for the presence of the new Pope.
Episode 5
This episode has no summary.
Episode 6
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Episode 7
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Episode 8
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Episode 9
This episode has no summary.