The Woman in White (2018)

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  • BBC One
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  • Drama Mini-series Mystery Romance Suspense Thriller



Episode 1
Episode overview
After a haunting encounter with a woman all in white, drawing master Walter Hartright finds a startling resemblance between her and his new pupil, the beautiful Laura Fairlie.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Laura is forced to set aside her love for Walter and marry Sir Percival, whose character takes a dark turn. Marian finds herself drawn to his enigmatic friend, Count Fosco.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Sir Percival goes to violent lengths to get his hands on Laura's fortune, while Marian starts to suspect there might be something sinister behind Count Fosco's charming facade.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Count Fosco and Sir Percival's plan is set into motion with tragic results. Marian and Walter make a horrifying discovery whilst seeking justice for Laura.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Sir Percival's secret is exposed, and Walter risks everything for the woman he loves.