The Witcher: Blood Origin

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  • Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Mini-series



Of Ballads, Brawlers, and Bloodied Blades
Episode overview
A tavern brawl puts Éile on a collision course with destiny, emotions get the best of Fjall after a close call, and a royal betrayal leads to bloodshed.
Of Dreams, Defiance, and Desperate Deeds
Episode overview
In need of coin to fund their quest, Éile, Fjall and Scían hatch a risky scheme that leads to a firestorm of trouble. Merwyn stumbles on a secret.
Of Warriors, Wakes, and Wondrous Worlds
Episode overview
After meeting Meldof and her beloved Gwen, the warriors put a perilous end game in motion as truths are revealed, passions kindled — and sacrifices made.
Of Mages, Malice, and Monstrous Mayhem
Episode overview
As Merwyn forges an uneasy alliance to achieve her plans for Elfkind, the battle begins in Xintrea, where Éile finds her voice and Fjall loses control.