The Unsettling

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Episode overview
Sixteen-year-old Becca arrives at her new foster home in the deserts of West Texas, where she is welcomed by her new foster family. But things quickly take a turn when a supernatural presence seems to want Becca gone.
The Hand That Pulls The Strings
Episode overview
Becca confides in Lorraine about the things she's seen, but Lorraine urges her to give it a chance. As things get worse, Becca leans on Connor for support. Nadine confronts Silas about their secret.
The Mouth That Speaks in Tongues
Episode overview
Nadine and Becca make a deal, and Maya tries to get closer to Silas. Becca follows her intuition and finds herself trapped.
The Eyes That See the Light
Episode overview
Becca confides in Connor all her fears about the house, prompting a trip into town for more information on the property. Maya learns a heart-wrenching secret.
The Holy Flame Controls Us All
Episode overview
Reeling from a recent loss, the Werner Family faces a police investigation. Becca tries to convince the detective about the supernatural things she's been seeing, and Nadine has a showdown with Pastor Isaac.
Follow The Pure Path
Episode overview
Becca tries to convince Connor, Nadine, and Maya to leave the house to no avail. Jason discovers Fia's plan and confronts her. Becca realizes there might be less supernatural threats at play in the Werner House.
Holy of One
Episode overview
Becca, Connor, Nadine and Maya set a plan in motion to make their escape. A run in with the Ash Man takes a shocking turn.
Holy of All
Episode overview
A betrayal rocks the Foster Kids as the real life and supernatural threats come to a head at The Werner Farm. New Purity attempts to put an end to the drought and the ghost reveals its secret.