The Staircase

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Chapter 1: Crime or Accident?
Michael Peterson recalls the night of December 9, 2001, which began with dinner, wine and a rented movie, and ended with his wife Kathleen’s death. After Peterson is charged with .. show full overview
Chapter 2: Secrets and Lies
Shocking revelations about Michael Peterson’s private life pose new issues for his defense team, as it becomes clear that the prosecution will use these details to torpedo .. show full overview
Chapter 3: A Striking Coincidence
In the spring of 2002, the case takes another surprising turn when prosecutors turn their attention to the 1985 death of Elizabeth Ratliff, a military widow who was found dead at the .. show full overview
Chapter 4: A Prosecution Trickery
The defense team is forced to contend with the prosecution’s latest bombshell concerning the death of Elizabeth Ratliff. In April 2003, there is a pre-trail hearing regarding evidence, .. show full overview
Chapter 5: A Weak Case
District Attorney Jim Hardin lays out the prosecution’s case and calls witnesses to testify about three points of evidence: the amount of blood at the scene; Kathleen’s head lacerations; .. show full overview
Chapter 6: The Prosecution's Revenge
The court rules on key evidentiary issues, and the prosecution calls several witnesses who give emotionally charged testimony. Meanwhile, the trial is receiving extensive and often sensational coverage in the media.
Chapter 7: The Blowpoke Returns
The defense begins presenting its case, which relies heavily upon such experts as a biomechanical engineer and a prominent forensic scientist. But the outcome may finally come down to a stunning find by Michael Peterson’s oldest son.
Chapter 8: The Verdict
The long trial reaches its conclusion and Michael Peterson learns his fate—at least, for the immediate future.
Chapter 9: Reopening the Case
Eight years later, the possibility that a key witness for the prosecution may have misled the jury could prompt the need for a new trial.
The Last Chance
Explosive developments - implicating both the forensics laboratory of the police department of North Carolina, and Duane Deaver, its chief - recently saw the convicted subject of 'The .. show full overview
Chapter 10: The Last Chance
After more experts testify about the questionable conclusions and claims of Duane Deaver, the judge rules on whether a new trial is necessary.
Chapter 11: Looking for Closure
Following two and a half years of house arrest, Michael must decide whether to push for a plea or risk his freedom with a new trial.
Chapter 12: Between Anger and Despair
Their faith in the justice system forever shaken, Michael and his family discuss what they can hope to achieve by continuing the fight.
Chapter 13: Flawed Justice
Michael speaks to a reporter about the reasons behind his plea. Later, Kathleen's sister delivers a statement of defiance in court.