The Seven Deadly Sins

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From Purgatory
Episode overview
Ban continues his search for Meliodas in purgatory. Estarossa under the influence of the commandments he absorbed takes Elizabeth and flees, while King, Derieri, Sariel, Tarmiel, .. show full overview
Encounter with the Unknown
Episode overview
Van heads to Purgatory and finally reunites with Meliodas. The next thing they should think about when they met their best friend and were in tears was how to escape from this purgatory. .. show full overview
Wholehearted Feelings
Episode overview
Meliodas and Ban go on to the Demon King with an ally called Wild. Meanwhile, Meliodas begins to talk about his past with his younger brother Zeldris. Zeldris loved the vampire Gerda. .. show full overview
Victims of Holy War
Episode overview
When Meliodas tries to talk about Estarossa, he is surprised that his memory is missing for some reason. The Demon King appears as if he had sensed the discomfort. Meanwhile, at that .. show full overview
A Sorrowful Blow
Episode overview
The Truth Revealed by Gowther-3000 years ago, the magician Gowther used a forbidden curse to alter the memory of the Four Archangels Mael and the perceptions of everyone who knew the man .. show full overview
Rise Up Against Despair
Episode overview
Derieri was defeated by a blow from Mael. Deprived of his fourth ban, Mael tries to capture them all. Gowther decides to fight Mael to protect his companions, rather than trying to solve .. show full overview
Hope, Conflict, and Despair
Episode overview
Mael has become a strange figure by fusing with four bans. King was temporarily cornered in front of Mael's mighty power, but he awakens as "Fairy King Harlequin" and wields his true .. show full overview
The Door to Hope
Episode overview
Meliodas, Van, and Wild finally confront the Demon King in purgatory. To escape from this purgatory, you must defeat the Demon King and go through the "doorway to this world." Meliodas .. show full overview
The Gathered
Episode overview
At Camelot Castle, where the fierce battle continues, Chandler and Cusack have merged and transformed into a . Merlin despaired that "his chances of winning were completely lost," and .. show full overview
The Salvation of the Sun
Episode overview
All "Salvation of the Sun" bans have been incorporated into Meliodas. In order to prevent the birth of the Demon King, Marlin tries to activate the curse, and the Chief of the , Lud .. show full overview
The One Who Stands Against a God
Episode overview
Merlin's spell thwarts Meliodas' transformation. The Holy War seems to be over, but Elizabeth senses something is still terribly wrong.
We'll All Be Your Strength
Episode overview
Escaping purgatory, Ban faces the Demon King, who now possesses Meliodas’ body. Elizabeth and the others make their way into the spirit world.
The End of a Long Journey
Episode overview
Peace returns to the Kingdom of Liones. Although Elizabeth is still under a curse, Meliodas assures her there is a way to break it.
Farewell, Seven Deadly Sins
Episode overview
The world was trying to eliminate Meliodas, who became the new Demon King and became too powerful. Meliodas didn't tell anyone about the looming deadline. However, including the van who .. show full overview
Fated Brothers
Episode overview
The curse on Elizabeth and Meliodas is still here. Which means the demon lord is still here. How will the sins deal with the demon lord as he controls Zeldris?
The Final Battle
Episode overview
King prepares to face Chandler in his demonic form. Gloxinia and Drole appear, risking their lives so that the Seven Deadly Sins can escape.
The Voice Calling Your Name
Episode overview
The battle to free Zeldris from the demon king control continues as the other Sins join Meliodas. But as things get worse we see someone else arrive to help out.
The King Sings Alone
Episode overview
Diane's "Mother Creation" technique finally succeeded in extinguishing the "Magic Lake" that was the source of the Demon King's magical power. At the same time, it becomes noon. The .. show full overview
The Struggle
Episode overview
Escanor, who fights by converting all his vitality into magical power, approaches the Demon King. However, Meliodas stands in front of the deadly Escanor. It is because he realizes that .. show full overview
Mortal Enemies
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This episode has no summary.
What the Witch Had Always Wanted
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This episode has no summary.
A Taste of Chaos
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This episode has no summary.
An Everlasting Kingdom
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This episode has no summary.
Episode overview
Cass was buried by Arthur, and peace was brought to the world again. The "Seven Deadly Sins" finish their role and begin their respective paths. King and Diane create a kingdom of .. show full overview