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The Proof Is in the Penis
Episode overview
In an attempt to get Sarah to “man up”, Laura falsely informs her that she was born with both a penis and a vagina. Brian and Steve are haunted by the ghost of Mr. Jenkins.
The Silverman and the Pillows
Episode overview
After Sarah's morning brunch at Romanski's is interrupted by a children's book reading, Sarah goes on a crusade of her own to show how easy it is to make children's books and television. .. show full overview
A Slip Slope
Episode overview
Sarah sues the film "Home Alone" for influencing her to accidentally murder her new neighbor. Her eloquent case about the dangerous influence of entertainment leads her to the position .. show full overview
Episode overview
Sarah is sick of hearing about the upcoming mayoral election, so she amuses herself by campaigning for a fake write-in candidate whom she calls, "May Kadoody." An actual May Kadoody .. show full overview
Smellin' of Troy
Episode overview
Sarah reconnects with her childhood imaginary friend, Troy, who lures into a life of sex and drugs. After Brian refuses to let Steve play in his band, Steve creates a song that mocks Brian, and gains immense popularity on the internet.
A Fairly Attractive Mind
Episode overview
Sarah has the mistaken epiphany that she is retarded, and tries to use her disability to inspire people. Brian and Steve accidentally bump heads while trying to pick up a magical dragon phone and switch bodies.
Songs in the Key of Yuck
Episode overview
Sarah and Steve go to a jam band concert where Sarah convinces all of the fans that they are tripping.
Just Breve
Episode overview
Sarah narrates the story of Steve creating a baby robot.
A Good Van Is Hard to Find
Episode overview
Brian and Steve have a stand-off to decide who will do the laundry.
Episode overview
Laura and Sarah mount dueling Holocaust memorials.