The Riches

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  • Comedy Crime Drama



The Last Temptation of Wayne
Episode overview
On the behest of Wayne, Dahlia and the children hit the road with Cherien's mother and Nina, who has decided to leave Eden Falls. Wayne stays behind to clean up the mess created by Pete .. show full overview
Friday Night Lights
Episode overview
Wayne is reluctant to enter into a partnership with Dale. Elsewhere, Dahlia fears that her and the children have become out of practice with their Traveller skills.
Field of Dreams
Episode overview
Wayne helps Hugh cope with his depression in an effort to save the Bayou Hills deal. Meanwhile, Cael's reckless behaviour at school forces Wayne to intervene.
Slums of Bayou Hills
Episode overview
Dahlia finds living an honest life difficult; Doug's past causes Wayne grief.
Trust Never Sleeps
Episode overview
Living the straight life continues to prove difficult for Dahlia, and Wayne receives a surprise visitor while at work. Elsewhere, Cael meets other Travellers on the road.
Dead Calm
Episode overview
Wayne struggles to regain Dahlia's trust while also attempting to keep Dale and the other Travellers away. Meanwhile, Cael and Rosaleen become closer, and Nina throws a party for Jim.
The Lying King
Episode overview
The rift in Wayne and Dahlia's relationship continues to widen. The Bayou Hills deal is put at risk because of treacherous behaviour at the construction site. Meanwhile, a relationship .. show full overview