The Resort

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The Disappointment of Time
Episode overview
Emma and Noah’s anniversary trip to Mexico takes a turn when Emma finds an old phone in the jungle.
A Noxious Toothworm
Episode overview
The couple seeks answers about Sam and Violet’s disappearance, leading them to a powerful family.
Tempus Exhaurire
Episode overview
Emma and Noah find secrets of the old resort; in the past, sparks fly between Sam and Violet.
A History of Forgetting
Episode overview
Emma and Noah meet Baltasar Frías and gain a deeper understanding of the Oceana Vista’s past.
El Espejo
Episode overview
Emma, Noah and Baltasar team up and try to uncover the truth behind Sam and Violet’s disappearance.
Hüncb fò Llub Sēēth
Episode overview
With the help of an old video, Emma, Noah and Baltasar look to a writer for a potential new lead.
La Pubertad del Matrimonio
Episode overview
Emma, Noah, Baltasar and Luna search the Yucatán jungle, hoping to find Sam and Violet’s passage.
The Disillusionment of Time
Episode overview
After finding the entrance to the passage, the group discovers what happened to Sam and Violet.