The Night Of

  • 8.7
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  • : 8
  • : 1909



The Beach
Episode overview
What starts as a perfect night for Pakistani-American student Nasir “Naz” Khan becomes a nightmare when he's arrested for murder.
Subtle Beast
Episode overview
Stone warns Naz to keep quiet. Box meets with the victim's stepfather and, later, prosecutor Helen Weiss.
A Dark Crate
Episode overview
As Naz learns the survival rules in Rikers, his parents are tempted by a counteroffer for their son's defense.
The Art of War
Episode overview
Naz weighs the pros and cons of copping a plea as Stone opens a window to Andrea's past.
The Season of the Witch
Episode overview
Stone takes on a commission; Naz vents his frustrations; Box and Helen gather evidence.
Samson and Delilah
Episode overview
Stone follows an intriguing new lead; Naz's trial begins with opening statements from the prosecution and defense.
Ordinary Death
Episode overview
Naz's trial moves to the defense phase; Stone tails a suspicious family member; Freddy loses a pawn.
The Call of the Wild
Episode overview
Stone finds himself in the spotlight as Naz's trial reaches an unexpected climax.