The New Legends of Monkey

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Graveyard of the Gods
Episode overview
The Monkey King, Tripitaka, Pigsy, and Sandy set out in search of the sacred scrolls. Demons learn of Monkey's return and vow to destroy him.
Quest for Knowledge
Episode overview
At the Archive of Infinite Scrolls, Monkey and friends must solve - and survive - various riddles to gain access to the Scroll of Knowledge.
Village of Lost Children
Episode overview
A shape-shifting demon uses her powers to assume Sandy's appearance, then kidnaps village children to make Monkey's group seem like the evil ones.
Puppet Master
Episode overview
On the path to the Scroll of Creation, the demon Hagfish reveals who's pulling all the strings when he traps Tripitaka in his doll collection.
Finding Paradise
Episode overview
The Monkey King and crew meet the mysterious Mycelia in a garden that's too good to be true before helping Pigsy avoid a flavorful but deadly fate.
Episode overview
Monkey hatches a plan to retrieve the scrolls from the demon Gorm by posing as a human, while a dispute between demon generals leads to an epic battle.
Episode overview
As the demons head to Lion Heart Rock to fight Monkey, Pigsy must sharpen his skills in the kitchen to impress General Khan as her personal chef.
The Real Tripitaka
Episode overview
The scrolls foretold of only one Tripitaka ... but when Monkey and friends reach Lion Heart Rock, they discover that might not be so true.
The Spider Web
Episode overview
The rebel army ignores Tripitaka's warning and ends up regretting it while on the battlefield. Hagfish creates a clone whose powers may match Monkey's.
Shadow Boxing
Episode overview
With the rebels scattered and the fate of the sacred scrolls still at stake, Monkey realizes he's his own worst enemy - in more ways than one.