The Movies That Made Us

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The Nightmare Before Christmas
Episode overview
The unlikely holiday classic, and stop-motion first, comes to ghoulish life with persistent vision - and nimble work by a ragtag bunch of misfits.
Despite its gifted cast and wonderland of effects, this endearing Christmas comedy is sold short by the studio - till it scores big with moviegoers.
Episode overview
It took a young team's blood, sweat and tears — and a triple-threat visionary — to make this bloodless yet scarily influential horror masterpiece.
Friday the 13th
Episode overview
What began as a bald rip-off made a bloody splash as a splatter classic. Now the unlikely crew spills its guts about the highs, lows and gory effects
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Episode overview
With a studio on the line, an imaginative director in the pocket and an actorly demon in tow, this supernatural slasher hit raked in a surreal profit.
Episode overview
A painfully tight suit and budget, a passionate European auteur and on-set tensions fueled this blockbuster takedown of cutthroat corporate America
Episode overview
A hard-driving director, stressed crew, great expectations — and a tiny budget — made for a difficult birth in the case of this mother of all sequels.
Coming to America
Episode overview
The happily ever after? It's on screen. Behind the scenes, this litigious, loveless foray involved fisticuffs, Nostradamus — and iconic Black talent.