The Misfit of Demon King Academy

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The Misfit of Demon King Academy
Episode overview
"Listen up, my beloved descendants. Your founding ancestor has returned." The most powerful Demon King in history, Anos, known for his tyrannical rule 2000 years ago, has been .. show full overview
The Witch of Destruction
Episode overview
Though he is the founding ancestor and possesses enormous magical powers, Anos is cast as a misfit at the Academy. Unperturbed by this unjust treatment, he continues to demonstrate his .. show full overview
Sasha's True Intentions
Episode overview
"One last thing, I'm glad I got to meet you." Without being able to understand Sasha's true intent behind these final words, much time has passed, and Ivis, one of the Seven Elder Demon .. show full overview
15th Birthday
Episode overview
Misha confesses the shocking truth that, "At midnight on my 15th birthday, I'm going to disappear." Misha was never supposed to exist in this world in the first place, but due to Ivis .. show full overview
The Transfer Student
Episode overview
Shortly after Anos' encounter with Misha and Sasha as well as his battle with Ivis, a transfer student named Ray enters the Demon Academy. As the Master of Magic Sword and powerful .. show full overview
Magic Sword Tournament
Episode overview
In recognition of their accomplishments in the team competition exam, Anos welcomes Lay and Misa to his team. The team gathers at Anos' home to celebrate, but shortly after, Lay and Anos .. show full overview
Mother's Words
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
The Final Duel
Episode overview
Anos and Lay battle head-to-head at the Dilhade Magic Sword Tournament finals. With Sheila being taken hostage, the two are unable to fight at their full potential and come to a .. show full overview
The Mystery of the Hero Academy
Episode overview
After the Magic Sword Tournament, Anos and the other students visit Azeshion in the Human Realm for an educational exchange with the Hero Academy. While they individually explore the .. show full overview
Inter-Academy Exams
Episode overview
Anos and the students from the Demon King Academy participate in their first day of inter-academy exchange with the Hero Academy. However, the students from the Demon King Academy soon .. show full overview
The Glow of Life
Episode overview
Round 2 of the inter-academy exams begins. After Revest's deplorable defeat against Heine, Anos and his team battle with the students of the Hero Academy. Anos says that he will think of .. show full overview
Taboo Magic
Episode overview
"Please, the only person who can stop Zeshia is me." Anos carries Misha, who is on the brink of death after being attacked by Diego, to an inner room of the temple. Eleonore is waiting .. show full overview
Let the World Be Filled With Love
Episode overview
Everything started two thousand years ago. The situation suddenly shifts when the true identity of the man in the black mask, Avos Dilhevia, is revealed. Even after two thousand years, .. show full overview