The Messengers (2015)

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  • : 13
  • : 1113
  • The CW
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  • Drama Fantasy Mystery Thriller



Episode overview
In the white-hot sun of the New Mexico desert, scientist Vera Buckley watches in fascination as a mysterious object plummets to Earth and explodes in a blinding flash, sending out a .. show full overview
Strange Magic
Episode overview
Drawn together by destiny, Vera, Erin, Joshua, Raul and Peter convene together where they meet the mysterious Rose. Rose reveals that they are angels and their mission is to find and .. show full overview
Path to Paradise
Episode overview
On the hunt for the Horseman of War, Joshua, Erin and Peter make great strides for the group. Raul and Vera are more hesitant to believe and when they stray, there are unforeseen .. show full overview
Drums of War
Episode overview
The friends need to identify the Horseman of War and his victim whilst at an international energy summit.
Eye in the Sky
Episode overview
Erin wants peace as Amy celebrayes her birthday. Joshua tries to jumpstart his visions.
Episode overview
As the fully united Messengers work to track down the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse, Alan and Vera continue their quest to uncover the genesis stone’s secrets. Meanwhile, Erin begins to discover the price of her gift.
Deus Ex Machina
Episode overview
As the Messengers race to stop the next Horseman, they uncover a cyber plot to kill thousands. Meanwhile, Joshua finds he can no longer escape his past.
A House Divided
Episode overview
The Messengers struggle to stay together and on mission when an unforeseen setback causes them to question whether being an Angel is causing them more harm than good. In the process of .. show full overview
Death Becomes Her
Episode overview
The Man informs the Messengers one of their own has betrayed them and another is in imminent danger, while Amy's drawings predict the arrival of someone who could change the course of everyone's destinies.
Why We Fight
Episode overview
The team head to California in search of a pair of brothers who are about to execute a doomful act.
Episode overview
Based on contradictory clues, the Messengers make clashing predictions about who will be the Horseman of Famine. Meanwhile, Vera almost unearths the Horsemen's master plan.
Spark of Hope
Episode overview
The Messengers' powers are tested as they attempt to rescue someone from government lockup. Meanwhile, Joshua has a vision foreshadowing the arrival of a deceptive new adversary.
Houston, We Have a Problem
Episode overview
A battle between the Messengers and the Four Horsemen takes place as the Horsemen try to break the fifth seal in the series finale.