The Men Who Built America

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A New War Begins
Episode overview
Out of the turmoil of the Civil War, America enters an age of enlightenment that will change the landscape of the country forever. The growth is driven by five insightful men who will change the world forever.
Bloody Battles
Episode overview
Andrew Carnegie builds an empire around steel, but finds himself struggling to save face after the ruthless tactics of his business partner, Henry Clay Frick, result in both the .. show full overview
Changing the Game
Episode overview
Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Morgan have gone unmonitored for decades, but American politicians are about to change that. They want these men to fall into line under government .. show full overview
When One Ends, Another Begins
Episode overview
A young engineer named Henry Ford devises the plan for a gas-powered car. McKinley is assassinated and his VP Theodore Roosevelt takes office and quickly passes a series of regulations .. show full overview
A New Rival Emerges
Episode overview
The revolt of his workers at the Homestead steelworks and the assassination attempt against his partner, the brutal Henry Frick, brought the king of steel, Andrew Carnegie, to a big .. show full overview
A Market to Conquer
Episode overview
Disgusted that the alternating current, the invention of Nikola Tesla, supplants the direct current which he had developed, Thomas Edison devotes himself to the manufacture of the first .. show full overview
Control of the White House
Episode overview
In 1896, as the presidential election approached, the democratic candidate William Jennings Bryan echoed the anger of the American people, promising to hold the elites to account and to .. show full overview
The American Dream
Episode overview
At the head of the United States from 1901 to 1909, Roosevelt continued his anti-trust policy. After the empire of the banker and industrialist JP Morgan, he tackled the Standard Oil of .. show full overview