The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

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Part 1: Black Fire Orchid
Episode overview
When nine-year-old Alice Hart survives a terrible home fire, she's taken by her estranged grandmother June to Thornfield, a remote rural property with vast flower fields and many secrets.
Part 2: Wattle
Episode overview
As Alice is introduced to life at Thornfield, it's her 'aunt' Candy Blue, and The Flowers – the women for whom Thornfield is a refuge – who make Alice feel welcomed. Although June claims .. show full overview
Part 3: Lantern Bush
Episode overview
When Alice finally releases her voice, she demands answers about her family. Instead, June continues weaving a web of deceit to hide the painful and shame-filled past.
Part 4: River Lily
Episode overview
After uncovering evidence of the shocking extent of her grandmother's lies and manipulations, Alice, now 24, flees Thornfield and begins building a new life in a desert town called Agnes Bluff.
Part 5: Desert Oak
Episode overview
As Twig searches for Alice, Candy confronts June about the past. In Agnes Bluff, Alice believes she has found in Dylan someone who finally understands her, and who she can trust with everything.
Part 6: Wheel of Fire
Episode overview
Away from the oppression of Thornfield, Twig reconnects with her culture and her own grief. As June finally learns to speak the truth, Alice’s dream of Dylan as her loving counterpart begins to transform into a nightmare.
Part 7: Sturt’s Desert Pea
Episode overview
Alice is pushed to physical and emotional breaking point, but by moving through the turmoil, and learning to love and forgive herself and her family, she gathers the strength to powerfully use her own voice.