The Living and the Dead

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  • Drama Fantasy Horror Mini-series Thriller



Episode 1
Episode overview
It is Somerset 1894 and after a pioneering Victorian psychologist brings his vivacious young wife to live on his family's estate, he is confronted by one disturbing case after another.
Episode 2
Episode overview
After a young boy is disturbed by some terrifying visions, Nathan attempts to do everything he can to protect him. Nathan has been having visions of this own though and he could be on the edge of madness.
Episode 3
Episode overview
The farm and its future are under threat and Nathan and Charlotte attempt to save their crops and expose the dark secrets of a disturbed young man before he can do even more damage.
Episode 4
Episode overview
When a young woman goes missing, Nathan must race to solve her disappearance.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Nathan descends into madness as the village is haunted by ghosts from the past.
Episode 6
Episode overview
The harder Charlotte tries to save Nathan the further he pushes her away.