The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle

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Punched And Sat On, Baby
Episode overview
We are introduced to Vivienne Vyle and her Jerry Springer-esque style chat show. Whilst on her show she reveals the negative result of a paternity test to which the wronged man starts a .. show full overview
Heifer Branding And Rebranding
Episode overview
Vivienne decides that she needs to be more like her talk show rival, Chris Connor, a host who is engaging, charming, and adored by his audience- everything that Vivienne is not.
One Trick Pony
Episode overview
Vivienne and Jared start the day arguing about plumbing problems and Vivienne runs out the door before Jared can do his customary argument-ending ritual: ringing a bell like a train .. show full overview
The Games Versus The Awards
Episode overview
The Vivienne Vyle Show is nominated for a TV-Pick award.
Vivienne Vyle's Vicarious Vertigo Videoconferencing
Episode overview
The morning after the TV-Pick awards Vivienne cannot get out of bed. She is faint, sick, and uncharacteristically absent from work for the day. Concerned, Dr. Jonathan and Helena .. show full overview
A Husband's Big Nonreveal
Episode overview
This time it is Jared who is the center of attention as a journalist for The Daily Mail is sniffing out proof of his attendance at a wild gay party where a teenage rent boy died. As .. show full overview