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Episode 1
Episode overview
Jury members in the retrial of convicted murderer Alan Lane include a caretaker, an elderly man, a Sudanese refugee and a young man who receives his summons on his 18th birthday.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Lucy coerces Theresa into rewarding her a raise, mystery woman Tasha arranges a meeting with Paul and reveals her identity, Ann sends Lane another letter and the prosecution steps up with more aggressive tactics.
Episode 3
Episode overview
18-year-old Rashid obsesses over the archive material from Lane's first trial, Tahir and Jeffery build their friendship and Tasha tries to pry Paul for details on the jurors' opinions.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Lane makes a fatal error when Mallory successfully goads him into a religious outburst in the courtroom. Meanwhile, Katherine contemplates abortion, Jeffery helps Tashir get his American visa and Krystina sees her husband again.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Damning evidence against Tasha prompts Paul to step down as jury foreman and appoint Katherine in his place, and the jurors weigh their own experiences and biases against the fate of Alan Lane.