The Inside

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New Girl in Town
Episode overview
After a team profiler is believed to be the latest victim of a serial killer, the squad is surprised by the new replacement, a rookie agent without much profiling experience. Squad .. show full overview
Old Wounds
Episode overview
Three people are murdered, including a Federal prosecutor, in a bizarre rape-strangulation scene. All three victims were linked to an S&M club where a member was recently banned.
Episode overview
The VCU team struggles to stay a step ahead of a cunning vigilante who is trying to stop murders by executing the would-be killers.
Everything Nice
Episode overview
Rebecca thinks a witness is lying even though the evidence supports a claim made against the prime suspect in the murder of a little boy.
Loneliest Number
Episode overview
Rebecca goes undercover to meet a sucide hotline counselor after a series of murders staged to look like suicides.
Thief of Hearts
Episode overview
Paul's first big case, a killer who literally stole his victims' hearts , is in jeopardy after a copycat killer crops up and a witness recants.
Episode overview
An agent with a grudge against Web is chosen to lead the team while Web is under investigation. The search is on for a ritualistic serial killer with a penchant for stun guns and removing victims’ fingernails.
Point of Origin
Episode overview
The team investigate a series of arson's which lead them to suspect Louis Salt but the cases trigger events in Rebecca's past life as Becky George.
Episode overview
Paul finds his work hampered by the memory of his wife's recent miscarriage when a pregnant woman is killed and has her fetus stolen and replaced with a baby doll.
Little Girl Lost
Episode overview
Rebecca and the team probe the disappearance of the Anderson and Presley families who went missing in the Angeles National Forest along Highway 39. The team quickly arrest Karl Robie Jr. .. show full overview
The Perfect Couple
Episode overview
Rebecca is used as bait at the Pyramid Nightclub to lure a serial rapist and murderer who's victims were last seen there. Rebecca begins a relationship with Pyramid bartender Corey Hall but events nearly put a halt to their relationship.
Episode overview
The team gets a tape of a snuff movie where a young girl is assassinated. They believe the tape was not tampered with and it's not a fake contrary to most snuff movies. They match the .. show full overview
Skin and Bone
Episode overview
While the team waits for her to show up on Monday morning, Rebecca wakes up chained inside a cage. Her personal computer reveals she had been investigating the disappearance of a number .. show full overview