The Hunting

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Pics or It Didn't Happen
Episode overview
At West Park High, teachers Ray and Eliza discuss their school's hard line policies around sex and technology, and a burgeoning new romance soon begins between the two. When Ray finds a .. show full overview
Episode overview
Ray and Eliza agree to keep the presence of the website hidden from their principal, in the hope that Nassim will be able to get Dip's photo down before she finds out. However, Dip is .. show full overview
Episode overview
As the police begin to investigate Andy, his mother Simone starts to consider that her husband and son have been lying to her. Eliza is disappointed at her school?s lacklustre response .. show full overview
Episode overview
Nassim and Dip’s confession to the police leads them to court. While tensions bubble over, the judge throws the case out - which is a relief, but also doesn’t bring any justice for Andy. .. show full overview