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Episode overview
The first episode begins with scenes from the season finale, leading up to Burton and Nick heading for the concert that was to start at 7:30 PM. Burton is mad because his parking spot .. show full overview
Big Coal
Episode overview
Nick tries to help a young lady who has cancer but get can't the insurance company to help her out, this puts Nick in a bind. Nick asks Lulu to help him get the insurance company to pay .. show full overview
The Line
Episode overview
Alvin is having to take James Mooney's caseload & trying to stop Lulu from leaving for new job. Nick meets Sharon Diamond who was arrested for solicitation. Nick asks for help in what to .. show full overview
The Father-Daughter Dance
Episode overview
Lulu starts her job as Director of LSP, leaving Alvin to wonder if he is needed at LSP. Nick helps a couple sue a fertility clinic because the baby is black. The parents want to keep the .. show full overview
Episode overview
When the bank insists that the firm pay off its loan immediately, Nick is forced to try to collect unpaid fees from delinquent clients. Meanwhile, Lulu's estranged father returns and asks her for money.
Let's Spend the Night Together
Episode overview
Nick & Lulu move into his place and find out how hard it is keep their love life out of the office. Jake learns his mom and dad want to divorce. Jake is about to lose control of his .. show full overview
Hazel Park
Episode overview
Nick runs into a former client while helping in a cleanup project for his Community Service. Nick helps the former client out by calling a community College after learning he can't read. .. show full overview
Episode overview
LSP teams up with Victoria Little to form AIDS Relief Alliance, meanwhile Nick becomes a medical guardian to two kids who may AIDS. Lulu learns she is about to be a mom. Nick and .. show full overview
Let God Sort 'Em Out
Episode overview
Nick tries to find a place for Donny Longo & his Grandfather to live together, but Donny has a hard time with Rebecca's ruling (the Judge that handled the shelter hearing). Meanwhile .. show full overview
Episode overview
Nick learns that his dad will need surgery to fix his heart, also Nick must keep the firm from losing a merger, help Burton find a good doctor to do the surgery. Nick wonders if Burton .. show full overview
Episode overview
Ted's dad goes on a shooting spree killing himself & co-workers leaving Nick and Suzanne to tell Ted his dad has committed murder. Nick and Suzanne take Ted to see his dad. Burton wants .. show full overview
Beautiful Blue Mystic
Episode overview
Nick begins taking a drug called Beautiful Blue Mystic, not realizing how it hurt Fallin & Fallin and LSP. Nick goes to get help to kick the habit. Nick learns that Anne needs help .. show full overview
Episode overview
Nick finds out how hard it is to get the trust of the people he hurt back. Burton feels Nick isn't ready for a heavy caseload that might hurt Fallin & Fallin. Nick wonders if the bus .. show full overview
All Is Mended
Episode overview
Nick learns that his unborn child will most likely have Down Syndrome. Alvin provides Nick an opportunity to work with an adult client, Mark, who has Downs Syndrome. Nick brings Mark .. show full overview
Without Consent
Episode overview
Jake lies to everyone regarding his injuries. Burton & Maureen find out the secret. Nick considers whether or not Luke should live in Foster Care or live with his dad after seeing his .. show full overview
Sparkle (aka: Glow)
Episode overview
Nick works to find a new home for a foster child, Phillip, who has been accused of harming his current foster parents’ new baby. Things may not be as they seem here. Social workers .. show full overview
The Watchers
Episode overview
Burton suffers a lingering form of vertigo due to his head injury after the robbery. Nick and Burton continue to look for Shannon as Burton blames himself for her running away. .. show full overview
The Bachelor Party
Episode overview
Alvin Masterson has a lot to do in so little time. He is getting married to Victoria Little and has ALS. Nick decides to go to Los Angles with Alvin and Alvin tries to get to know .. show full overview
Episode overview
Alvin tells Nick about his date with Victoria and that ALS will later affect his relationship with Victoria and how Alvin's only form of communication will be blinking his eyebrows. .. show full overview
The Vote
Episode overview
Nick's future with Fallin and Fallin is in question when a female associate who is involved with Nick's father is passed over for partner based on Nick's poor opinion. The associate, .. show full overview
Blood In, Blood Out
Episode overview
Nick 's future at the firm is about to be voted on, as Nick awaits the verdict on his future he takes on two cases that involve two boys. The first boy Nick defends is Kevin Brown who is .. show full overview
Episode overview
Nick takes a job at the law firm of Walter and McNeil. Lulu gives birth to a baby girl. She decides to work part-time at legal services of Pittsburgh to take care of the baby. Burton .. show full overview