The Frankenstein Chronicles

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Prodigal Son
Episode overview
London 1830. John Marlott escapes the Bethlem Hospital seeking his revenge on Lord Daniel Hervey. The hunter soon becomes the hunted.
Not John Marlott
Episode overview
John Marlott adopts a new identity and gains employment. He believes someone is lying about the recent murders of local clergymen and he is determined to uncover the truth in his search for justice.
Seeing the Dead
Episode overview
Marlott is convinced that Billy Oates and the origin of the fever killing local families will lead him to Lord Daniel Hervey.
Little Boy Lost
Episode overview
An unexpected encounter with the mysterious Frederick Dipple suggests that Marlott needs to protect his allies, who he realizes are increasingly in danger.
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Episode overview
Marlott's new intelligence brings him closer to a solution and leads him to an apparently deserted tower. However, there are darker and colder dangers inside.
Bride of Frankenstein
Episode overview
As the police close in John Marlott needs to rescue Esther from Hervey and Dipple, and resurrect both his own and her fortunes in an epic season finale.