The Family (2016)

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  • : 12
  • : 380
  • ABC (US)
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  • Drama Mystery



Episode overview
Ten years on from disappearing without trace, a politician's son returns causing repercussions through their family and the local community.
All You See Is Dark
Episode overview
Hank meets Adam. Danny reveals his suspicions about Adam to Bridey. Nina feels haunted by her past.
Of Puppies and Monsters
Episode overview
Gabe Clements lets Nina know how he would like to deal with the investigation. Adam goes back to the bunker to see if it can help him to remember anything. Claire's motives end up being questioned.
Feathers or Steel
Episode overview
Meyer and Clements hunt a child kidnapper whose MO is similar to Adam's abductor. Bridey arouses Willa's suspicions while seeking information on Adam. In the past, Claire pushes Hank to .. show full overview
I Win
Episode overview
Hank blames a member of the Warren family when he ends up being badly beaten. Bridey receives the paternity test results she had done on Adam.
Nowhere Man
Episode overview
Adam is used as bait to lure a pock-marked man but things don't go as planned; the police continue pursuing Doug; Adam reveals unexpected news to Claire.
All the Livelong Day
Episode overview
Flashbacks reveal details of Adam's return to Red Pines, playing out against the backdrop of Willa's deceitful ways. John drops some major news on Claire, driving her to struggle with an agonizing decision.
Sweet Jane
Episode overview
Claire deals with the emotional ramifications of Willa's scheming. Nina is determined to find out where Adam disappears to every night. Willa exposes another family secret. Hank's role in Adam's kidnapping is revealed.
Betta Male
Episode overview
Detective Meyer follows Adam's therapy sessions as he attempts to find some clues about his past. Claire attempts to keep an eye on Ben.
Fun Ways to Tell Boyfriend You're Pregnant
Episode overview
Bridey ends up betraying Willa for some press attention. Hank thinks that he has found important evidence in Adam's case.
Election Day
Episode overview
Nina is at turmoil with the Warrens as she and Hank try to expose Adam's kidnapper. Willa and Claire's conspiracy reaches a breaking point.
What Took so Long?
Episode overview
Nina closes in on Jane. Claire suffers an emotional breakdown when visiting Ben and Adam's prison. Secrets finally arise.