Fall of Eagles

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Death Waltz
Episode overview
Archduchess Sophia of Austria-Hungary arranges a marriage of convenience between her young son Franz-Josef, the Emperor of Austria-Hungary, and the Bavarian princess Hélène of .. show full overview
The English Princess
Episode overview
On a cold Winter's day in London in 1858, the Princess Victoria of England, the daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, marries Prince Frederick William, the heir to the Prussian .. show full overview
The Honest Broker
Episode overview
In 1887, under the iron fist of Bismarck, the Prussian empire thrives. In Willy, the young son of the heir to the Prussian throne Prince Frederick William, Bismarck sees a leader more .. show full overview
Requiem for a Crown Prince
Episode overview
On the morning of the 30th January 1889, the 30-year-old Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria-Hungary is found dead at the imperial hunting lodge at Mayerling in what looks like a suicide .. show full overview
The Last Tsar
Episode overview
The young Tsarevich Nicholas of Russia finds the idea of succeeding his father an absolute nightmare and spends most of his time trying to forget the matter by amusing himself with his .. show full overview
Absolute Beginners
Episode overview
In Russia in 1903, Nicholas II has been Tsar for nine years and nobody no longer doubts that revolution soon will come. The important questions at the moment are how, when, and led by .. show full overview
Dearest Nicky
Episode overview
The opposition against Tsarism is spreading throughout Russia, but Tsar Nicholas II prefers to disregard and stay blind to the rising discontent. The Tsar's mind is instead mainly consumed by the ill health of his firstborn son, Alexis.
The Appointment
Episode overview
The Grand Duke Serge is assassinated by terrorist in Moscow in 1905 and the Tsar sees the need to dismiss his Police Chief and appoint a new one in order to heighten security in St .. show full overview
Dress Rehearsal
Episode overview
In 1908, the Russian Foreign Minister Isvolsky has his mind set on conquering the Dardanelles from the Turks, as the Dardanelles is the only way for the Russian fleet to pass from the .. show full overview
Indian Summer of an Emperor
Episode overview
After the murder of his wife and the suicide of his son, the increasingly aging Emperor Franz-Josef of Austria-Hungary has become more and more distanced from his people and his empire. .. show full overview
Tell the King the Sky Is Falling
Episode overview
World War I reigns in Europe and in the Spring of 1915, Russia suffers terrible losses on the Eastern Front. At the Russian court, Tsar Nicholas and the Tsarina have become increasingly .. show full overview
The Secret War
Episode overview
In 1917, the Russian Revolution breaks out in earnest and Lenin and Krupskaya - now living in exile in Zurich - are both thrilled as the news finally reach them in Switzerland. They long .. show full overview
End Game
Episode overview
In Russia, Lenin and the Bolsheviks have seized power and the Russians choose to make peace with Germany and withdraw from the war. To Germany's great disadvantage, however, America has .. show full overview