The Elephant Princess

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Enemies Unleashed
Episode overview
As Alex settles into a new school in the real world, trouble is brewing in Manjipoor where she meets two childhood friends of Kuru's - Caleb and Zamira. Through them, the force of Dark Magic is released, and they restore Diva to her former self.
The New Recruit
Episode overview
The band lines up their first gig at a popular local club but run into trouble with Taylor's jealous girlfriend, Veronica. Meanwhile Diva recruits Caleb and Zamira in her quest to unlock the secrets of Dark Magic and get revenge on Alex.
Bad Reputation
Episode overview
Diva uses this chance to raid the Palace and try to steal The Book, where Dark Magic secrets are contained. After Caleb is injured in a showdown between Diva and Alex, his life hangs in the balance.
Falling for the Enemy
Episode overview
Learning Diva is after The Book, Alex takes it and Caleb to the real world for protection. When Caleb kisses Alex, she tries to convince herself it was nothing, but deep down she's falling for him - unaware he's working for the enemy.
Star Crossed Lovers
Episode overview
When Alex backs away from a relationship with Caleb, he steals The Book from its hiding place and prepares to betray her by taking it to Diva and Zamira. But ultimately, his loyalty lies with Alex, not Diva.
Double Trouble
Episode overview
Alex turns Amanda into her double to distract Caleb while the real Alex goes on a dangerous solo mission to West Manjipoor to find out more about The Book. Alex learns that The Book and the Elephant Temple Ruins are linked.
Secret Love
Episode overview
When Caleb goes back to Manjipoor he is faced with Diva's threats to Alex. In an effort to protect Alex, Caleb absorbs some Dark Magic which gives him super strength. But will he be able to control it?
Love Your Enemy
Episode overview
When rival student Veronica steals Alex's song, Alex tries to help rather than let her get expelled. Meanwhile, Zamira charms Kuru in an effort to drive a wedge between him and Alex, as part of her plan to gain control of Dark Magic.
The Secret Admirer
Episode overview
In another effort to protect Alex, Caleb gains more Dark Magic, giving him the power to jump between worlds at will. When he uses his powers to help Alex without her knowing, he raises Diva's suspicions, but manages to keep his secret.
Tangled Web
Episode overview
Taylor learns all about Alex's secret life when he winds up in Manjipoor and is taken prisoner by Diva, who tries to use him as a bargaining chip to get The Book. Alex is ready to give Diva The Book when Caleb uses his powers to save Taylor.
Welcome to My World
Episode overview
In a fiery confrontation Caleb reveals his powers to Diva and knowing she can't control him, he accepts Alex's offer. Little does Alex know, Caleb is hiding a dark secret from her.
Episode overview
Diva sends Zamira to reveal Caleb's secrets to Kuru and the two get into a fight. Alex is preparing for Caleb's arrival in the real world but is growing suspicious.
Episode overview
Alex tries to destroy The Book but Diva gains the power to jump between worlds and gets The Book. Caleb stops Diva from hurting Alex, but this doesn't make up for his betrayal.
Trouble Comes to Town
Episode overview
In an attempt to cut off Diva's power, Alex tries to close the vault, but her magic isn't powerful enough. In the real world, Caleb gets in an argument with Taylor and uses Dark Magic against him, and Veronica sees it!
Episode overview
Zamira gets to a block in The Book which only Alex can unlock. After giving Dark Magic to some new West Manjipoor recruits of hers, Diva comes to the real world. But Alex refuses to help Diva and Caleb gets hurt protecting Alex.
Episode overview
When Alex reads the locked section of The Book, she and Zamira learn the truth; that Diva killed Zamira and Caleb's mother. Meanwhile, Caleb uses his powers for good by helping Kuru escape trouble.
A Princess for All
Episode overview
Zamira is against Diva, but that doesn't mean she's with Alex. Veronica gathers new evidence against Alex and Caleb about their secrets, but before she can expose them, Alex tells her the whole truth.
Under New Management
Episode overview
Alex's band are about to lose their gig until Caleb uses Dark Magic in an attempt to help, but it only makes her angrier at him. When Diva pressures Zamira to read The Book, she goes to Kuru for comfort.
Out of Control
Episode overview
After Zamira is threatened, Caleb begins a dangerous journey. Meanwhile, Veronica starts treating Alex like a Princess. Even though Alex is a Princess, the 'nice Veronica' routine is just too much.
Flare Up
Episode overview
When Diva's plans put Amanda and Alex in danger, Taylor saves Amanda and they realise their deeper feelings for each other. But after taking too much Dark Magic, Caleb loses control and cannot help Alex.
Episode overview
Alex invites Caleb to the end of year music night. Caleb can no longer control his Dark Magic. The vault of Dark Magic now controls him and can transport him anywhere against his will.
Episode overview
The vault claims more control over Caleb as he loses the ability to jump and becomes prisoner to Diva. While Alex is desperate to help him there isn't a lot she can do, except wonder why Diva wants Caleb now that he's powerless.
Between the Worlds
Episode overview
Alex, Diva and Caleb learn that the vault of Dark Magic is the barrier between the two worlds and returning Dark Magic to the vault will destroy it.
Episode overview
Diva's plan to break the barrier is coming together as she prepares to sacrifice Caleb to the vault of Dark Magic. But Alex won't let it happen.
Dangerous Secrets
Episode overview
When Veronica inadvertently records footage of Caleb disappearing, she has him at her mercy. But with the help of Alex, Amanda and Taylor, the footage is destroyed and his secret is safe. Has he finally learned to be careful?
Episode overview
Alex and Taylor plan a surprise party for Amanda's birthday. But the party is crashed by Zamira, who believes that Alex's mother killed her and Caleb's mother.