The Diary of Anne Frank

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Amsterdam 6th July 1942
Episode overview
Anne is given a diary for her 13th birthday. Anne's parents decide to go into hiding from the Nazi's after call up papers arrive for her sister.
October 1942
Episode overview
Anne finds living in the same complex in hiding with the Van Daan family harder and harder. When Mr Dussell comes to live at the complex he soon becomes the butt of all of Anne's jokes.
November 1942
Episode overview
Otto finds out that the building everyone is hiding in has been sold. Everyone hopes that the war will be over in a few months as the lease to the building wont be exchanged until then. Mr Dussell misses his fiance.
June 1943
Episode overview
As Anne matures she begins to develop feelings towards Peter and flirts with him. After Otto tells her not to get too involved, Anne and Peter end up declaring their love to each other.
May 1944
Episode overview
When Anne's family found out the Dutch government want diaries telling of war time experiences Anne is encouraged to submit hers. Determined to be a professional writer, Anne finds .. show full overview