The Detective

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Episode 1
Episode overview
Commander Kenneth Crocker is ordered to dig the dirt an union official instead he discovers Home Secretary Sir Henry Blankenall is attracted to under age girls.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Commander Kenneth Cocker's union investigation has been taken over by Special Branch but he is determined to prove whether allegations made against the Home Secretary are true.
Episode 3
Episode overview
With the Government is threatening martial law, Commander Kenneth Crocker has been ordered to stop his inquiries into the Home Secretary.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Crocker finds himself the target of the security services with his close friend Supt. Penfield vanished, his daughter arrested and the underage girl under pressure to point the finger at him.
Episode 5
Episode overview
The Government clamps down against the Unions at Maskin Electronics. When the Home Secretary commits suicide, Crocker is promoted and reinstated but who's pulling the strings?