The Couple Next Door

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  • Channel 4
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  • Drama Mini-series Thriller



Episode 1
Episode overview
Life feels perfect for teacher Evie and her partner Pete when they move to a new house in suburbia. But Pete's worried that Evie is a little too fond of their neighbour Danny...
Episode 2
Episode overview
On a day trip to the coast, the chemistry between Evie and Danny is electric, which amuses Becka and horrifies Pete. Elsewhere, Alan's obsession with Becka grows even further.
Episode 3
Episode overview
The sexual tension between the two couples reaches boiling point during a weekend away. Alan's obsession with Becka escalates with devastating consequences.
Episode 4
Episode overview
While Pete struggles to process the events of the spa weekend, Evie is determined to conceal her secret. Danny is given an ultimatum.
Episode 5
Episode overview
An ultimatum from Pete only serves to deepen Evie's obsession with Danny. Danny's plan is thwarted by Pete and Sophie's front-page scoop.
Episode 6
Episode overview
In an exhilarating finale, secrets spill out during a violent showdown on the Yorkshire Dales. Will anyone's relationship survive?