The Chosen

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I Have Called You by Name
In the backdrop of oppressive Roman rule, a Jewish fisherman, saddled with enormous debt agrees to spy on his fellow Jews in a deal to settle his debt with Roman authorities. A Jewish .. show full overview
Simon's deal with the Romans goes from bad to worse and Matthew secretly meets with Roman authorities to discuss spying on Simon. Mary of Magdala (formerly Lilith) is seen in public .. show full overview
Jesus Loves the Little Children
A group of children come across Jesus's camp on the outskirts of town and spend time with him.
The Rock on Which it is Built
Simon's deal with the Roman's reaches a breaking point and he becomes desperate. Matthew witnesses an event that defies reason and logic that his rational mind can neither explain nor accept. Nicodemus meets with an imprisoned John the Baptist.
The Wedding Gift
Jesus and his followers attend a wedding ceremony and are introduced to his mother. Nicodemus continues his meeting with John the Baptist.
Indescribable Compassion
Despite trying to keep a low profile, word of Jesus's deeds spread and various people come to him to be healed. Jesus draws a large crowd with his teaching and performs his first public miracle and the resulting chaos endangers him.
Nicodemus meets with Jesus under cover of night to talk to him since it is now no longer completely safe for Jesus to be seen in public. Jesus makes a controversial choice for one of his disciples.
I Am He
In the final episode of the season, Jesus makes plans to leave Capernaum because his actions are considered disruptive and he is now wanted for questioning by Roman authorities. .. show full overview