The Charmings

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  • Comedy Fantasy



Lillian Loses the Kids
Episode overview
Lillian turns the kids into statues to keep them quiet, but due to her going through PMS (Pre Magic Syndrome), she is unable to remember the spell to turn them back.
The Charmings Go Plastic
Episode overview
Snow finds out about credit cards and lets Eric know that they must have one. They soon go into debt causing Snow and Eric to have their first fight.
The Witch is of Van Oaks
Episode overview
Lillian's jealousy of Eric and Snow's happiness prompts them to go manhunting for her—and it's a devil of a chore.
The Fish Story
Episode overview
Thomas and Cory get a pet fish. It passes away and the kids sneek into Lillian's room to use her spell book to fix the situation.
Cindy's Back in Town
Episode overview
Lillian accidentally causes Cinderella to be transported in the 80's. She then makes a play for Eric.
A Charming Halloween
Episode overview
Snow and Eric hold a Halloween party for Thomas and his friends. Lillian poisons an apple so Thomas can kiss the girl he likes.
Trading Places
Episode overview
Eric gets shortchanged when Luther wishes he looked like Eric and Lillian's magic coin makes it comes true.
Lillian Loses Her Powers
Episode overview
The Charmings are exposed to illness. Lillian makes herself chicken soup, but what she didn't know was chicken soup can cause power loss in witches.
The Charmings and the Beanstalk
Episode overview
Lillian gets rid of some magic beans, only to cause a beanstalk to grow in the backyard leaving a giant with no way home.
Yes, Lillian, There is a Santa Claus
Episode overview
Lillian tries to make everyone believe there is no Santa, only to have a special visit from him herself.
The Charmings Get Robbed
Episode overview
The Charming's house gets robbed so Lillian and the Mirror take action to have the thieves bring back their stuff.
Birth of a Salesman
Episode overview
To have some extra money to put in a new bathroom for Lillian, Eric becomes a salesman at Don's store. Lillian puts a spell on him so he won't be so nice.
The Man Who Came to Dinner
Episode overview
Don finds out who the Charmings really are. Lillian puts a spell on him to make him forget, however she erases all of his memories.
Lillian's Protege
Episode overview
Lillian finds a new friend who she saves from being caught at shoplifting. Lillian then turns on her when she gets Thomas in trouble.
The Woman of His Dreams
Episode overview
Lillian puts a spell on Eric that everytime he thinks of this woman he saw in a magazine, she will appear.