The Catch (2023)

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  • : 4
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  • Channel 5
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  • Drama Mini-series Thriller



Episode 1
Episode overview
When fisherman Ed’s daughter Abbie brings home her new boyfriend Ryan, Ed is immediately suspicious of the rich and successful newcomer.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Ed discovers that someone is spying on him and knows a dark secret from his past. Meanwhile, Bob informs Ed that he saw George on CCTV, heading to the boat. Is he behind the sabotage?
Episode 3
Episode overview
The thriller continues. More evidence about George emerges, but Ed is warned to leave the past alone. A body is washed up in the harbour, and Ed finds himself in the frame for murder...
Episode 4
Episode overview
As the thriller concludes, Ed is in hiding and his family don’t know what to believe. When the truth is finally exposed, Ed must meet his nemesis alone - will his sins cost him his life?