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Give Me a Break
Episode overview
The Pearson family is hit hard by the economic downturn, and Lauren's spring break trip may be in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Trent learns that Paul had lost his baby pictures a few years ago.
You Decide
Episode overview
Bill creates a plan to battle Susan's passive-aggressive temperament. Meanwhile, Trent's desperation to make a girl notice him may backfire. And Bill and Susan get an eyeful when their neighbor, Mr. Faulkner, takes a dip in his hot tub in the buff.
Let It Go
Episode overview
After Susan and her friends go out for a girl's night, Bill becomes convinced that she talked about him. Bill becomes obsessed with knowing what she said, which creates more conflict .. show full overview
The Way We Were
Episode overview
Bill sets out to re-create memorable moments of their burgeoning love, after Susan shows a yearning for the spark of her dating days with Bill. Elsewhere, Lauren and Trent are asked to babysit Bryan, both which have dates for the movies.
Oh, Brother
Episode overview
When Bills brother, Danny, needs money for another one of his get rich quick business propositions, he asks his brother. Bill gives him a lot of money, which upsets Susan. Trent and .. show full overview
I Like It That Way
Episode overview
Susan teaches Bill a lesson after he refuses to shave his beard; Bryan tries to torment Lauren.
The Coffee Maker
Episode overview
Bill feels the need to teach his brother that money can not buy happiness after he springs gifts galore on the family, now that he's a success. Meanwhile, Paul gets involved with a silent auction after having his ego squashed.
United Front
Episode overview
Bill and Susan lock horns over how to best punish Lauren, after she is caught in a lie. Meanwhile, Paul sets out to create an internet profile which will attract the ladies, and turns to Trent and Bryan for advice.
Car Trouble
Episode overview
Bill plans on helping an excited Trent, find the perfect car to buy, but fails in his effort. Meanwhile, Bryan is having troubles at school with a bully.
Trash Talk
Episode overview
Bill and Susanne get in an argument with their new neighbors over trash bins. Elsewhere, Trent blames his failure of a driving test on losing his lucky red coin.