The Battersea Poltergeist

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63 Wycliffe Road
Episode overview
63 Wycliffe Road is an ordinary house on a quiet South London street, but in 1956 it becomes famous as the site of an alleged poltergeist. The strange events focus around teenager .. show full overview
Episode overview
Danny meets the only surviving witness to the haunting – the real-life Shirley Hitchings. What was it like living with a poltergeist? Back in 1956, Harold Chibbett begins his .. show full overview
Interview with a Ghost
Episode overview
Danny explores possible links between the Battersea case and the Enfield Poltergeist, a famous alleged haunting from 1977. He meets two reporters who covered the case, one of whom .. show full overview
Case Update: The Key
Episode overview
A special bonus episode, answering your questions about this thrilling investigation. In our first case update, Danny discusses your theories about the case so far, finding out more .. show full overview
The Underground Exorcist
Episode overview
A psychic medium offers to perform an exorcism to remove Donald the Poltergeist. Broken by sleepless nights and constant fear, the Hitchings family accept – but is this putting teenage .. show full overview
Strange Bones
Episode overview
After the exorcism, Shirley’s fame increases, but as she’s drawn into a press expose by two journalists, the world wants to know – is this a haunting or a hoax? At Number 63, the .. show full overview
Case Update: It Follows
Episode overview
In this second bonus episode, Danny discusses your theories about this supernatural cold case and answers some of your questions. Delving deeper into recent developments, he explores the .. show full overview
Fright Night
Episode overview
After the press backlash, the Hitchings family fight to prove the haunting isn’t a hoax. They invite young journalist Joyce Lewis to spend a night at Number 63 Wycliffe Road – will she .. show full overview
Dead Letters
Episode overview
The Hitchings family experience strange new phenomena, as drawings appear on the walls and rooms are violently trashed, but strangest of all are handwritten letters that appear, .. show full overview
Case Update: A New Witness
Episode overview
In this bonus episode, Danny discusses your questions and theories on the investigation after the shock developments of Episode 7, and, in a new twist, he uncovers another living witness .. show full overview
Darkness and Light
Episode overview
Who wrote the letters? How can the seemingly impossible happen in front of multiple witnesses? Is this a haunting or a hoax? In this final episode, the investigation reaches its .. show full overview
Doubt and Wonder
Episode overview
In a final bonus episode, Danny takes one last deep dive into the investigation, as he explores more of your theories, examines some of the most puzzling moments in the case, and puts .. show full overview