The Bachelor

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Week 1: Season 24 Premiere
Airline pilot Peter Weber begins his search for love, meeting 30 accomplished women eager to catch his eye. On the first group date, nine women get flight training. Hannah Brown returns to host the second group date.
A single bachelor is offered the chance to date multiple women over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find his true love.
Week 3
Peter tries to put the drama behind him by focusing on his country line dancing date with Victoria P. A stunning revelation has Peter struggling with his feelings for a controversial woman.
Week 4: Cleveland, Ohio
Peter and the 15 remaining bachelorettes leave the Bachelor mansion behind and travel cross-country to continue their search for love in Cleveland, Ohio. Peter flies Victoria F. to their .. show full overview
Week 5: Costa Rica (1)
The first of a gripping, special two-night "Bachelor" event starts with Peter needing to decide about the controversial Alayah. Should he keep the possibility of a relationship with her .. show full overview
Week 6: Chile
This episode has no summary.
Week 7: Peru
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8
This episode has no summary.