The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

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The Private War of Doctor Doom
Episode overview
The Avengers team up with the Fantastic Four to battle Doctor Doom's armies.
Alone Against A.I.M.
Episode overview
An armorless Iron Man fights A.I.M.'s latest creation, the Technovore, while A.I.M. goes up against Captain America, Black Panther, and War Machine in an effort to steal the armored avenger's armor.
Acts of Vengeance
Episode overview
The Enchantress, after being betrayed by Zemo, seeks revenge on her former teammates, leaving the Avengers in the middle of a clash between supervillains.
Welcome to the Kree Empire
Episode overview
An alien warrior race known as the Kree visits Earth to make a final decision regarding whether to add Earth to the ever-expanding Kree empire or obliterate it.
To Steal an Ant-Man
Episode overview
Ant-Man's suit goes missing, and Hank's quest to find his armor before someone gets hurt lands him in the clutches of the supervillain Crossfire.
Michael Korvac
Episode overview
An extraterrestrial being named Michael Korvac seeks the Avengers' protection from "villains" who turn out to be the Guardians of the Galaxy. As the Avengers fight the Guardians to keep .. show full overview
Who Do You Trust?
Episode overview
The Avengers are torn apart when Nick Fury returns and reveals that the shapeshifting aliens Skrulls have begun infiltrating Earth. The situation becomes worse when they learn a Skrull lurks within the Avengers.
The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill
Episode overview
While searching for the fire demon Surtur, Thor is attacked by a powerful creature known as Beta Ray Bill, and the unthinkable happens when Bill lifts Thor's hammer as the two battle. .. show full overview
Nightmare in Red
Episode overview
When S.H.I.E.L.D. is attacked by the Hulk, the Avengers rush to the scene. When they arrive, the rampaging Hulk is RED! The hunt is on for Bruce Banner as the Avengers try and unravel the mystery of 'Who is the Red Hulk?'
Prisoner of War
Episode overview
After being held prisoner for months, Captain America is ready to break out. If he is to succeed he must team up with his enemies. Cap won't let anything stop him, but he didn't count on facing the Super Skrull!
Episode overview
The Skrull invasion has begun, and Wakanda is the first target. Ms. Marvel is the only one there to fight off these aliens, whose shape-shifting abilities make matters much worse for her.
Secret Invasion
Episode overview
The Skrulls have invaded the entire Earth, and Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor lead an attack on the aliens.
Along Came a Spider...
Episode overview
Captain America is still trying to earn back the trust of the public, he teams up with the equally-mistrusted Spider-Man to fight the Serpent Society, whose members are trying to rescue Viper.
Behold...The Vision!
Episode overview
Still trying to restore hope and order to the world after the Skrull invasion, Captain America travels to Wakanda with the Avengers to repair his shield, but a new foe has come to take .. show full overview
Episode overview
The Enchantress, as part of her master Surtur's plan, offers Loki a chance to exact his revenge on Thor and the Avengers for thwarting his conquest of the Nine Realms, and uses a spell .. show full overview
Assault on 42
Episode overview
Stranded in the Negative Zone, the Avengers must join forces with their enemies - including former members of the Masters of Evil - to fight off an army of strange insectoid creatures that are laying siege to 42.
Ultron Unlimited
Episode overview
The Avengers are ambushed and captured, one by one, by Ultron's team of synthezoid Avengers as part of the wayward android's plan to rid the world of "flawed" humans, perfect himself, and construct a mate.
Episode overview
A mysterious explosion seemingly kills Hank in his college laboratory, but as the Avengers and their friends mourn the loss of their fallen comrade-in-arms, a fearless new vigilante - .. show full overview
Emperor Stark
Episode overview
The Vision awakens after a month of repairs to find that Tony Stark and his fellow Avengers have taken over the world. With the whole planet turned against him, the Vision must get to .. show full overview
Code Red
Episode overview
Strange fumes sicken all of the Avengers - save for Iron Man, whose suit of armor provides him with protection. Now the armored Avenger must race against time to synthesize a cure for .. show full overview
Winter Soldier
Episode overview
Captain America ponders the mystery of the Winter Soldier and enlists Nick Fury's aid to find him when the Red Skull escapes from prison and massive robots - the Sleepers - arise as part .. show full overview
The Deadliest Man Alive
Episode overview
When the Hulk's name is cleared of the crimes committed by the Red Hulk, the Avengers find that the deception put forth by Captain America's Skrull doppelganger has made the .. show full overview
New Avengers
Episode overview
Kang the Conqueror is freed from prison by his alternate timeline look-alikes and attempts to conquer the world once again, this time trapping the Avengers in a temporal void to keep .. show full overview
Operation Galactic Storm
Episode overview
The Kree attempt to create a wormhole connecting our solar system with their galaxy, which will consequently destroy the Sun and all life on Earth - just as Kang the Conqueror predicted. .. show full overview
Live Kree or Die
Episode overview
The Avengers arrive on the Kree homeworld of Hala, but find that they aren't exactly welcome there - even with Captain Marvel on their side.
Avengers Assemble!
Episode overview
From the very moment of their team's inception, the Avengers have fought against super-villains, time-travelling conquerors and even shape-shifting alien invaders. But now they must .. show full overview