The A-Team

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Dishpan Man (1)
Episode overview
The A-Team is blackmailed by retired General Stockwell, who kidnaps Hannibal and threatens to have him prosecuted if the A-Team fails to secure the release of hostages held on a plane in Spain.
Trial by Fire (2)
Episode overview
The A-Team's court martial begins and a surprising motive for the death of Colonel Morrison is revealed.
Firing Line (3)
Episode overview
General Stockwell interferes with the plans of Murdock and Frankie to free the rest of the A-Team before the Army can execute them.
Quarterback Sneak
Episode overview
The A-Team uses a football game as a cover to sneak a chemical warfare scientist out of East Germany.
The Theory of Revolution
Episode overview
The outbreak of a revolution interferes with the planned rescue of three Americans from a Third World Country.
The Say UNCLE Affair
Episode overview
Stockwell is kidnapped by his former partner who has "gone bad" and the A-Team has 18 hours to find him or forever lose any chances of securing a pardon.
Alive at Five
Episode overview
Face plans to leave the A-Team but gets involved in the rescue of a newswoman from a paranoid mob chief.
Family Reunion
Episode overview
A former political adviser offers to trade a diary for a reunion with his daughter- who Face is hitting on, but Murdock learns that the man may be Face's father and the daughter Face's sister.
Point of No Return
Episode overview
Stockwell refuses to allow the A-Team to go after Hannibal when he fails to check in while on a solo mission in hostile territory.
The Crystal Skull
Episode overview
The A-Team's effort to secure a valuable religious artifact involves them with warring island tribes who mistake Murdoch for a God and some unusual missionaries.
The Spy Who Mugged Me
Episode overview
Murdock poses as suave secret agent to catch a killer before he can complete another assignment.
The Grey Team
Episode overview
The A-Team must bring a girl in who has stolen a briefcase from her father, filled with material she believes he's selling to the Soviets.
Without Reservations
Episode overview
Frankie and Face visit Murdock at his job in a restaurant, and all three become hostages of mobsters out to kill a patron, the US Attorney General.